Great sushi and always good service!
Alice Layton
I am a regular customer who stopped by Friday evening for a meal. When I pulled up to the restaurant I saw two of your chefs taking a smoke outside. One of them had his shoe off, his sock 1/2 way off his and was scratching his foot. That is very unappetizing to see and needless to say I left without dining and will not be returning. I would have sent this in a private email but your website provides no such link.
Your sushi is great but why do you never answer your phone?? Incredibly frustrating...
Every time I order from you I get disappointed please have pride in every dish you make ... I ordered chow mein and you gave me a play full of cabbage few pieces of chicken with a thick corn stRch sauce 😑...last time I ordered the seafood dish ... dissapointed also lobster tail appeared to have been overcooked we didn't eat it...
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