Gwen Ellis
Food vendors have been a hot button issue in Ridgefield for some time, and Board of Selectmen has increasingly touched upon this issue in the past year. Town Hall is currently working to change the ordinance regarding food vendors, and needs your opinion. It’s important to get the opinions of our business owners here in town! I am an intern working on this project at Town Hall and have created a survey to try and capture the opinion of restaurant owners on this issue. The survey is anonymous and should take less than five minutes. I understand that this survey has been previously posted in other places, such as Hamlet Hub and on Facebook; if you have already answered this survey, please do NOT complete it again. Please note that some questions may not be applicable to you. In that case, please answer 'Not Applicable'. Please only answer this survey ONCE. For the purpose of this survey, food trucks includes ice cream trucks and stationary vendors such as Chez Lenard. Remember t
Alice Layton
I am a regular customer who stopped by Friday evening for a meal. When I pulled up to the restaurant I saw two of your chefs taking a smoke outside. One of them had his shoe off, his sock 1/2 way off his and was scratching his foot. That is very unappetizing to see and needless to say I left without dining and will not be returning. I would have sent this in a private email but your website provides no such link.
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